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The School of HakiArdhi (SHK)

Since 1994 when HAKIARDHI was established to date, the main objective has been to stimulate the movement for change in the society particularly in protecting the land rights of small-scale producers in urban and rural areas for them to free themselves from the discriminatory system. This has been conducted through researches, fact-finding missions, rapid responses, engaging with duty bearers and lawmakers. Also through producing publications, using media opportunities, etc. to raise awareness on policies and laws so that the small producers can raise their voices about ownership, use, distribution of land resources including minerals, forests and water and so on.

In 2015, the idea to establish the School of Haki Ardhi was initiated during the Annual General Meeting conducted in the Kilosa district to strengthen debates on land rights. The main goal of this school is to build a community that values ​​dialogue as one of the main ways to resolve conflicts and demand the rights of small-scale producers so that they can benefit from land and available resources in the country. The School focused on organising short-term rigorous training in the political economy of land, agrarian question and village governance. Participants in the School include but are not limited to Staff and Members of the Institute; Land Rights Monitors; Staff from sister organizations, and other individuals particularly small-scale producers.  

Teaching and learning materials for School will be generated from systematic research commissioned by the Institute; from the materials and knowledge collected from the village and advocacy work of HAKIARDHI and the feedback of its Members and Land Rights Monitors. Teaching material will include visual displays including photos, videos and films from within and outside the country.