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Gender and HIV/AIDS issues

HAKIARDHI understands that Gender and HIV/AIDS issues are of paramount importance in programme areas and affects the efforts of the institute of having a socially just society at the programme level. As for gender, LARRRI recognizes the need to address the historical imbalances in the access to and ownership of resources between various groups in the target communities that are perpetuated or reinforced by customs and traditions. The initiative aims at moving away from the desegregation of beneficiaries in terms of their gender attributes to mainstreaming the key gender issues into the core programme.

On HIV/AIDS, HAKIARDHI is aware that it is a serious problem in its programme areas and that it affects both the Institute and beneficiaries. HIV/AIDS is reported in the communities we work and therefore risks to HIV infection should be addressed. Unfortunately, there has not been any baseline study carried in programme areas thus it is not easy to establish the level of impact. It is though understood that activities implemented by HAKIARDHI bring together a lot of individuals hence the need for HIV/AIDS awareness to address the same for both programme staff as well as participants.