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Strategic Engagement with Media Practitioners to publish experiences and learning on AYP interventions (land rights, women land rights, climate change resilience.

Conduct monthly monitoring on Land Rights Monitors (LRMs) interventions through ICT Platform. 

Conduct Quarterly Monitoring and Evaluation visits in programme areas; Kilolo, Mufindi and districts to track results of the implemented activities for documentation of best practices, lesson learned and challenges. 

Documentation and Collection of best practices, experiences, learning evidences, achievements and challenges on land rights, women land rights and climate change resilience based on Ardhi Yetu Programme plus interventions.

Organizing short course trainings to members of the Institute, Land Rights Monitors and staff on the School of HakiArdhi.

Conduct District Multi-stakeholder’s forum on land rights, women land rights, land use plan and climate change in Morogoro and Mufindi Districts.

Conduct public debates to ordinary villagers on governance, land rights and natural resources ownership for sustainable development in Kilindi and Morogoro Districts

Conduct Board Meeting for Board of Directors of the Institute.

Compiling a reader which will be used in delivering modules stipulated in the curriculum.