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Land Rights Research & Resources Institute

The Land Rights Research & Resources Institute (LARRRI/ HAKIARDHI) was found in 1994 and has thus been registered as a non-governmental organization. The Institute was established in recognition of the need to generate and sustain public debates and participation of small producers in villages and peri-urban areas on land tenure and other important related issues.

OUR VISION: Envisage a society with a socially just and equitable land tenure system.

OUR MISSION: To research into, train, advocate for, and promote land rights of the rural based and peri urban small producers who constitute majority of the Tanzanian population.

It is the institute’s belief that such debate will be better informed if there is a recognition of indigenous systems of land tenure knowledge and experiences; 

Third quarter (July - September)

Upcoming Events

  • Capacity building training to Institute staff and Project District officials for improved quality programming ,
  • Capacity building to Councilors and District Council officials on land rights, gender, and climate change adaptation ,
  • Capacity-building training for members of Village Councils and Natural Resources Committees on land rights, gender, and climate change adaptation ,
  • Learning and sharing activities; Networking with local and international like-minded organizations ,
  • Policy dialogue Meetings with 100 Government Officials at the national level ,
  • Seminars discussions for urban and per-urban residents on land rights, gender, and climate change ,
  • Yearly national, regional, and international forums in relation to women, farmers, youth, and pastoralists ,
  • Monthly Sharing activities through messages and phone calls of Land rights, Gender, and Climate change information to small-scale producers particularly women. (Push massages and toll-free service charges),
  • Board Meeting for the Board of Directors ,
  • Our portfolio

    The organization has three major organizational portfolios through which programmes are planned and implemented. Those are KNOWLEDGE GENERATION AND DISSEMINATION, PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT and INSTITUTIONAL MANAGEMENT AND PROGRAMME SUPPORT.

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