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Land Rights Research & Resources Institute

The Land Rights Research & Resources Institute (LARRRI/ HAKIARDHI) was found in 1994 and has thus been registered as a non-governmental organization. The Institute was established in recognition of the need to generate and sustain public debates and participation of small producers in villages and peri-urban areas on land tenure and other important related issues.

OUR VISION: Envisage a society with a socially just and equitable land tenure system.

OUR MISSION: To research into, train, advocate for, and promote land rights of the rural based and peri urban small producers who constitute majority of the Tanzanian population.

It is the institute’s belief that such debate will be better informed if there is a recognition of indigenous systems of land tenure knowledge and experiences; 

Final quarter (October - December)

Upcoming Events

  • Support Preparation of Land Use Plans in Ukami and Chogo Villages in Mufindi District and Kitete Village in Mlimba District Council,
  • Conduct Indoor Land Rights and Governance Training to Village Leaders and Public Debates to Ordinary Villagers.,
  • Payment of Toll-Free and Push SMS charges.,
  • Procurement of Toll Free Devices for Completion of the Installation Process.,
  • Capacity building training to Land Right Monitors and Trainers on the use of the digital platform.,
  • Conduct Capacity Building Training to Institute’s Staff on the Use of Digital Platform. ,
  • Conduct Monitoring Visits for Data Collection on the Works of Land Rights Monitors in Disseminating Information on Land Rights, Gender Equality and Climate Change Adaptation. ,
  • Printing and Disseminating of Annual Calendars with Messages on Land Rights, Gender Equality and Climate Change Adaptation.,
  • Printing of Banners and Posters for Information Sharing and Project Visibility.,
  • Conduct Statutory Board of Directors Meeting.,
  • Our portfolio

    The organization has three major organizational portfolios through which programmes are planned and implemented. Those are KNOWLEDGE GENERATION AND DISSEMINATION, PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT and INSTITUTIONAL MANAGEMENT AND PROGRAMME SUPPORT.

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